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Civil Communications offers full-spectrum digital campaigning, but I specialize in assessing the digital health of organizations, digital advertising, and email program guidance.

Digital Check-up

Our Digital Check-up is a deep dive into how your organization is using digital tools, what is working, and where there is room for improvement.

How good is your digital game? Are you reaching the right people, on the right channels? Are you using the right tools for the right jobs? Do you know what your supporters want from you? 

I customize each digital assessment to make sure you get the most value from it.

Digital Advertising

I offer digital advertising solutions for every type of campaign, from the smallest hyper-targeted commercial promo to broad-spectrum, get-your-candidate's-face-in-front-of-everyone political campaign.

I will guide you through the strategy, creative options, best platforms, testing, and results.

I bring years of experience working with Facebook and Google advertising, as well as other key ad platforms.

Email Consulting

Whether your list is in the hundreds or the hundreds of thousands, there are always ways to improve your email engagement.

I have managed email programs with hundreds of thousands of records, increased engagement numbers, fixed deliverability issues, and raised millions of dollars.

Let's figure out how I can help you. 

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